Thursday, 9 August 2012

A little present

(Look at the adorable bag that this little gift came in  )

So my boyfriend went away for a long weekend with his family to Edinburgh last week :)
I asked to to go past the Benefit stand that they had while he was there because I heard that they where giving away goody bag and so on. But it turned out that they weren't so I asked him kindly to buy me  "They are real" mascara because I've have read  a lot  of positive things about it :)

My eyelashes are quite a  difficult pair to please. I always look for a particular brush and always try out new mascaras and sometimes they go to waist because they just wouldn't work with my eyelashes the way I want them too. And I have to admit that I was so worried at first that I wont like that one. Once I've used it, it was like love from the first sight ! I love it so much ! I cant believe how good it works with my eyes.
I love the brush and the product. Its perfect for day time and night time because I can build it up for night wear and have a thin layer for day wear :)

Love it to bits <3 So for everybody that struggle with finding the perfect one ! Try it I'm sure you will love it .

Love Natalia xx

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  1. aww that's so adorable... :) x