Tuesday, 24 July 2012


So I went past an Inglot store and It was one of the best purchase I have done that day.
When I asked one of the girls to match me up she was so nice to me and did it so quickly she really made my purchase  easy. I wasn't looking for a particular foundation so I was happy for her to chose.
The foundation cost me £12.50 and I think that's a very reasonably price considering that some Maxfactor foundations cost £10 or over. I've been trying it since the day after I bought it and I love it !
It is a full coverage foundation but I feel like it's more of a medium but surely you can build it up.

1.Its easy to blend with finger or a brush
2.It looks flawless on my skin
3.It doesn't make my skin oily
4.It lasts for up to 4 hours and then you might have to re apply it

My skin is very fair but when I'm wearing fake tan or feel a bit sun kissed I would just mix it in the foundation  with my lose bronzer and it looks really good.
But I still can't get over how easy my perches was, because you know sometimes you go to a shop and you come across a member of stuff that is incredibly unhelpful and nasty? I hate it when that happens ... don't you?

Overall there is so photos that I took so you can have a closer look :)

Thanks for stooping by
Love Natalia xx

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