Sunday, 29 July 2012


 Oh Hello little boxes <3

The Joliebox arrived before the GlossyBox which was a surprise .I'm a bit late with the post since the boxes arrived but I just wanted to try these products out and have something to say about them rather then just showing you guys whats in the boxes :)
I'm absolutely loving some of these product so here is what I thought about them. Sometimes I shock my self after I've seen how much I have actually said about one little bottle of product :D


ETAT PUR -(the face mask) -Amazing ! I've used it few times already and it left my skin feeling soft and clear.
I love the product size it is just perect because you really get to try the product out properly when its a bit bigger. Love it <3

JANE IREDALE -A tiny bottle of self tanner it is so small that I could only try it out on my face + it is a gradual self tanner so how can i possibly see the results when the tube has a maximum of 3 uses but never mind that.
At first it smelled like oranges and once I've applied it to my face it didn't smell like self tanner but some sort of iron and I didn't like it at all. I'm sorry JOLIEBOX but you didn't satisfy me with this tiny tube of self tanner :P

NAILGIRLS -They are nice and metallic :) I'm looking forward to using the golden colour with red 
nail polish sort of like ombre style and I will post some pictures here to show you guys if it worked. But I'm very happy with these + they are inspired by the Olympic medal colours and that's really nice
And no body can ever have too much 
nail polishes :) 

WEN BY CAZ DEAN (hair conditioner) -I was so excited to get that product :) The day before my Joliebox arrived I was watching teleshopping (I don't know why but I just love these programs)
and I was thinking that I really want to try these "Wen" products,
literally next day my box is here and I have one of these "amazing Wen" products. I was so excited.
Unfortunately I haven't tried it yet due to working so much and forgetting to take it out of the box but I'm on my way to try it tomorrow morning when ill be gong for my morning shower :)

At the very end the of Joliebox menu there was a cute little note apologizing for last month inconvenience with the delivery and so they added a little gift and that's really nice of them to do <3 I really love the thought and I really appreciate it <3
Thanks Joliebox


BEX LONDON -I love getting little samples of fragrances but I hate that one. It is just too musky. A fragrance that is so not for younger women , I think. Its just not my cup of tea. Sorry.

PAUL MITCHELL - I love it when we get Paul Mitchell's products , because I  know that Ill 
definitely use it  :) It is a good idea to have a mist for hair and body to get through those summery hot days or even  just to refresh your self through out the day. 

MONU -  It is just a night cream , moisturizing and soft but I don't really have much else to say about it.

JELLY PONG PONG COSMETICS -Lip frosting ! I LOVE Love LOVE this product :) It's moisturizing and not sticky at all ! It smells sooo delicious and once you put it on your lips it gives you that light cherry colour. Love it and would recommend it to anybody !

NUXE -Oil that you can use for dry face,body and hair :) I love the fact that it is in a small glass bottle because it look very cute. It has a very light sent as far as I can remember. I like to apply it to my cuticles and nails, It softens the skin without it feeling greasy after or before absorbing. 

Maybe I wrote a bit too much about the products but I hope that you will enjoy my opinion about the them. You are amazing if you have manged to read all this without being bored .
Next time I'll try to make it shorter :P

Love Natalia xx

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