Sunday, 8 July 2012

True Perfume Junkie

As all my friends know I am a true perfume junkie... I have a never ending wish list of all the fragrances that I buy slowly but I keep adding more every moths so  you can  see why it doesn't end.
I thought of sheering the collection that I have so far with you.

Ever since I was a little girl I had a big obsession with smells and different perfumes, maybe its because my dad worked with fragrances ever since I can remember .I've spend almost every weekend at my dads house and he would always take me to work with him. He would always tell me the names of the fragrances I would walk around and smell them all. Its funny but a lot of times I would walk past somebody and know what perfume they are wearing and my friends always laugh. I love fragrances its amazing how sometimes you smell a fragrance that can remind you of any moment in you life or anybody that have happened to wear that memorable smell. Everyone suites a different scent.

The last picture shows my 4 absolute favourite ones :)
1.Hugo Boss Orange
2.Amor Amor
3.Tommy Hilfiger dreaming
4.Paco Rabanne Ultrared

Natalia x

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